Welcome to the Free University of Western Sydney

We are pleased to announce that the Free University of Western Sydney launched on 28 April 2016 with its first event: ‘Dismantling the Architecture of Racial Oppression in Australia’.

More information about the evening can be found on our launch page here and a photo gallery here.

We gather at FUWS with the aim of challenging the comfortable consumerism of university education, because we believe that education is not a commodity.

“Love and study cannot exist without struggle, and struggle cannot occur solely inside the refuge we call the university.” Robin D.G. Kelley (2016)

FUWS is free and accessible. It remains politically and economically autonomous from political parties and organisations, government, private bodies, universities and NGOs. There is no enrolment, no registration and no fee.

At the Free University of Western Sydney YOU are free. You are free to come to any session as you like and as you are, ready for the transformation of free learning.

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