FUWS LAUNCH: Dismantling The Architecture of Racial Oppression in Australia

Join us to launch the Free University of Western Sydney and for a panel discussion which attempts to address the foundation of Australia’s racist architecture to aid in the development of a collective understanding of racial oppression.

Thursday 28th April, from 6pm Bankstown Arts Centre, 5 Olympic Parade Bankstown NSW 2200

The systematic genocide of Indigenous Australia forms the foundation of the architecture of white supremacy and racism in this country. In this architecture, framed by a black/white binary, non-whites or non-Anglos are sorted into a hierarchy. Some groups are occasionally granted passage from one level to another of the constructed racial hierarchy, usually to make space on the lower rungs for new arrivals. Black Australia is granted no such passage. It remains entrenched as the foundation upon which all race relations are constructed, just as whiteness reigns at the top.


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