Thank yous from our launch event

We’d like to thank a number of people for their support and enthusiasm, and embracing the idea of the Free Uni – and for their help in launching it.

This firstly includes the Elders of Bankstown for supporting and trusting the intention of what we hope to commence today. Thank you in particular to Aunty Lyn for giving a Welcome to Country.

The Bankstown Arts Centre, in particular Tim Carroll from Bankstown Youth Development Service for making the space available and unlocking this huge resource which has made this possible in the first place.

Craig Taunton also from BYDS for invaluable technical support with the PA/sound/set up.

Partho Sen-Gupta – for lending us his superior video skills so that we can document the panel discussion tonight.

Rafi Alam for his help with the design work and his talent and coming in at the last minute without thinking twice.

Hussein Nabil for his beautiful artwork that we have used for this event.

Vyvienne Abla and Matthew Webbey for their assistance with sound and filming on the night.

The performers: Thank you so much Shalice Taita for your powerful words and Zeinab for your conscious music. And Izzy for being our MC.

The several academics who have recognised and encouraged us and this initiative. Too many to name but we thank them.

As part of the Free uni committee we are privileged to be working with other like-minded people who are driven by the aims of the project. The committee members are:

Mythily Meher, Antoinette Abboud, Andrew Viller,  Omar Bensaidi , Ailin Naderbegi, Omid Tofighian, Aitak Salempour and Iman Etri.

Finally and most importantly, thank you to the panelists – Aunty Jenny Munro, Aunty Margaret Goneis, Felon Mason, Evelyn Araluen Corr, Rhyan Clapham and Preston Peachey.

You have trusted us and made this conversation possible – we are so lucky to have your experiences and your insights.

And thank you to all who came along to listen intently to a conversation we hope to continue and to help us launch the Free University of Western Sydney.


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