Towards Freedom: Reflections on the Free University

We launched the Free University of Western Sydney (FUWS) in April 2016 with the plan that after organising a few events, and connecting with others who had common principles, we could come together to take stock, and to think collectively & critically about the way forward.

‘Reflections’ is the time and place; a chance to reflect on decolonising knowledge movements & radical education movements locally and globally, on how FUWS can contribute to these movements, on what we’ve learnt so far, and on what we want the FUWS to be. You are all invited to this open discussion lead by fantastic and inspiring FUWS allies Fern Thompsett and Evelyn Araluen Corr.


This event is part of the Undercommoning Collective’s Global Autonomous Weekend of Action. We highly recommend you learn more at here.

Evelyn Araluen Corr is an activist, poet, researcher and educator from Dharug country, Western Sydney, with ancestral ties to the Bundjalung nation. She is currently completing her PhD on decolonial ethical reading practices of Indigenous literatures at the University of Sydney. Her writing has appeared in Overland, Southerly, and she was this year’s runner up for the Nakata Brophy Prize.

Fern Thompsett is a co-founder of the Brisbane Free University, which has been running since 2012. She has also been a student and worker at ‘normal’ universities for over a decade, and recently wrote about the experience of organising across the divide. She is currently working towards a PhD in anthropology at McGill University in Montreal, but counts her best learning experiences to date to be those that have taken place in informal, ‘grassroots’ contexts. You can find some of your recent publications here.

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